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Another Great Pass.

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Well done Wayne Edward.

Great result passing with only 2 Minor driving faults.

Many thanks for your Google Review, much appreciated;

Christian at A2B Driving School, Bristol is really a very talented driving instructor who is basically the best I’ve ever seen as I’ve taken previous lessons overseas and a few local ones here in England so know the difference well.

He does not only teach you well what’s needed for the test but also gets you to be a really good,competent and calm driver through various things like anticipating the next move of other motorists on the road, preparing for your next move and avoiding common faults which was all amazing to know.

He surely had many years of experience under his belt and this shows well in being fully aware of all common faults others fall into in the exam, test routes/manoeuvres/show me & tell me questions. He even took me to the test center a couple of times and got me oriented for the day beforehand.

He is very calm and has all the patience in the world. He explains things very clearly and has an amazing scheme/protocol for every move that you could potentially do. I still remember every word he told me as I drive, as it just sinks in easily. His diagrams and his clear explanations besides it are second to none.

Basically he is a massive asset to have in learning to drive and preparing for the exam. I found him very friendly too and loves to chat and joke as we drive. Was not surprised that he’s a commercial pilot too! He definitely got the potential! He is also great value for money with every lesson of great value. Thanks again Christian!

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