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Ingrida O -,1,,,


I can highly recommend Christian at A2B Driving School as a driving instructor. I didn't feel that I was progressing enough with my previous instructors from a couple of the big name schools, so I am very thankful for Christian’s support and guidance. He was also much better value than the other instructors. I passed with only a small number of minor driving faults after only a few months of lessons. Christian was very calm and patient during lessons and never failed to boost my confidence. Very flexible with times and pick up locations. I would recommend him and A2B Driving School to anyone learning to drive. I will miss my lessons and Thank you Christian. See you for Pass Plus.




Gabrielle M -,1,,,

I would highly recommend Christian as a driving instructor. He is very thorough and adapts his teaching to the way you think, for example I cycle a lot so he would use comparisons to help me understand. He is also very friendly and easy to get along with and will teach you to drive well, and safe.



Emma C -,1,,,

When I first began looking for a driving instructor in Bristol, I ended up feeling a bit discouraged, as a lot of companies either didn’t get back to me at all or emailed me back an abrupt message about not having any time to fit me in for months. However, Christian instantly made me feel like a valued customer, informing me he was very busy with other students but that he would do everything he could to accommodate me and he did just that. I began driving lessons with Christian in March with a specific goal - to pass my driving test in the UK before emigrating to Canada…in May! I had only driven a manual car a few times before and I only had 2 months to learn and be good enough to pass the exam alongside working a full time job. Despite the time pressures, Christian was positive, encouraging and enthusiastic throughout the whole learning process that I was going to pass! A good instructor takes the time to learn about their student and relate driving to something the student already does well, which is exactly what Christian does. He knew I did a lot of cycling so related a lot of driving skills to biking skills which made driving a car easier for me to relate to and understand. As I was having 4 hour intense lessons, it was important that Christian and I got on…it is impossible not to get on with Christian, he is very personable and has a great sense of humour which made the whole experience relaxed and enjoyable, even when it was a little stressful (as learning a new skill tends to be)! I passed with zero minors which felt amazing! And I believe that is a true reflection on Christian and his approach to teaching and creating safe drivers.
I am now living in Canada with my driving license and driving a big pick up truck everyday with confidence! I could not have accomplished what I did so quickly if it hadn’t been for Christian and his fantastic approach to instructing. I would recommend Christian to anyone who is looking for an excellent driving instructor with a brilliant attitude and a real passion for instructing and driving safely.




Nikos T -,1,,,

Christian, the driving instructor from A2B driving school, is really amazing! He helped me build up my confidence, and I would definitely recommend him to everyone who wants to learn to drive. He is very patient, very experienced, flexible, and will answer all your questions! He picks up on every little detail and will turn you into an excellent and confident driver. He teaches efficient techniques for driving, and I would HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you Christian.




Hannah J -,1,,,

I started my lessons with Christian after reading his excellent reviews online. I had never had any lessons previously but was in a rush to pass as I am moving to Australia at the end of January to do a PhD. I managed to pass first time with only 1 minor. Christian is a fantastic instructor. He teaches you to be a great driver, not just to pass your test which is really important. I would highly recommend Christian as an instructor – after suggesting Christian to my boyfriend’s brother, he is due to start lessons with him soon. Thank you Christian!


Dr Helen Smith -,1,,,

Christian is a great instructor. He really teaches you how to drive (rather than just get through a test) so you feel confident and secure on the road. He has some great tips and tricks for the more challenging manoeuvers, shows you how to drive in an eco-friendly way and is patient, chatty and friendly. I passed first time and think that is true of pretty much all his students.

Sally E -,1,,,

Christian helped me pass my test for the first time in Bristol with only 2 minors! He is very friendly and patient and has transformed me into a confident driver. I always looked forward to my lessons, unlike with my previous instructors.. who charged more too! Christian was very reliable and flexible around pick up/drop off locations dependent on my schedule which was really helpful in a busy life. I’d highly recommend him to new drivers or those struggling with current instructors. Cheers Christian!

Melissa G -,1,,,

I would highly recommend Christian as a driving instructor. Due to his high standards and excellent teaching methods I was able to pass my test first time with only a few minor faults. He is patient and explains things very clearly and in a way that I understood which was helpful. He will teach you so that you can feel confident and safe on the road. I really enjoyed my driving lessons and I’m very thankful to Christian for teaching me how to drive.

Angela -,1,,,

A big thank you to Christian who helped me to pass my test with only 2 minors in my 1st attempt with him. I had low confidence and was a nervous driver from the beginning which my previous 2 other instructors didn’t manage rectified nor gave me the confidence as well as Christian did. He has a calm demeanour and is great with details. It was never just about passing the test with him but imparting his knowledge about being a safe and considerate driver for life. I can’t thank him enough and he is definitely very good in what he does. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive simply because he is the best.



Jurgita V -,1,,,

Roger is a brilliant driving instructor, he is very patient but firm, he keeps constantly pushing you to achieve your best, even though you think good is enough. However, as driving can be rather dangerous, Roger is the instructor to make sure you will be a safe and reliable driver. If you want to be an excellent driver, Roger is your choice. Then I started to drive, I had zero experience (I mean I don't ride a bike, nobody is driving in my family, so an absolute rookie), however, he patiently waited till I stop being afraid of the roads and pushed me forward to reach my goal of having a driving licence. He is very funny and friendly, I will miss having classes with him! A2B driving school is the best value for your money!

Albie S - ​,1,,,

I passed first time with only 1 minor driving fault thanks to the great instruction I had from Christian at A2B Driving School. The lessons were always fun and enjoyable and I would highly recommend.

Sarah M -,1,,,

I initially learnt to drive with BSM about 9 years ago and failed my test 3 times. Put off by failing I didn't bother again until moving back to Bristol recently.
Christian was patient and excellent at drilling it into my head to check mirrors, etc. Along with private practice and despite bad test nerves, I've finally managed to pass my test after approximately 16 hours of driving lessons and a long wait for a test date!!
Would highly recommend.
Very happy - Thanks Christian!

Nikita G -,1,,,

I couldn't have asked for a more patient and skilled driving instructor. Christian was lovely from the first lesson, and immediately calmed my nerves about driving. He is always happy to explain things to you multiple times, and he became a friend. I passed first time with him and couldn't recommend him highly enough! Thanks Christian!


Martin D -,1,,,

I passed my driving test with Christian at A2B driving after only a few months and minimal lessons. I started off as a complete beginner and passed with only one minor.
From my first lesson I felt very confident in the car with Christian who works around your commitments and is always willing to go the extra mile for his students.
He is a really easy guy to get on with and will always push you to be the best driver you can be not just getting you ready to ace your test but making you fully confident to go out and tackle the roads by yourself.
Id like to thank him for making what was initially quite daunting into a brilliant experience and would happily recommend him to anyone.

Zara L -

I had a great experience learning to drive with Christian at A2B Driving School. Christian is an excellent driving instructor, friendly, professional and very supportive. I was quite nervous when I started driving, however he immediately put me at ease with his calm and patient manner and worked to build my confidence. I was very impressed by the systematic and thorough way in which he teaches, explaining everything in a clear and concise way, giving positive encouraging feedback and always ensuring I was comfortable before moving on to something new. He teaches to a very high standard, focusing on becoming a safe and confident driver, not just doing enough to pass the test. Christian was very flexible, fitting lessons around my schedule and he was happy to meet me at school, work or home. He is very knowledgeable about what examiners are looking for and test routes which was very beneficial. Christian gave me a few mock tests which helped to improve my understanding of the test and identify areas of improvement, ensuring I felt well prepared for the test. I passed first time with only 1 minor with 34 hours of lessons thanks to Christian's hard work. I couldn't recommend him more highly! Thank you so much Christian and I'm looking forward to doing Pass Plus with you!

Lloyd -

I would like to say a big thanks to Chris who helped me pass my test first time with zero minors! He is great at teaching you to drive safely with great techniques that will get you passing the test and more importantly be confident after it. He has always known when to take your lessons to the next step and certainly doesn't drag anything out. If you are like me and forget things quite easily, he is really good at making it all stay in your head and constantly reminds you on what you need to do. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn and he is a really nice guy and easy to get on with!

Thanks again! Lloyd.

Jack D

Christian is one of the few teachers that very quickly determines how you learn and then teaches you in that fashion. Knowledgeable, efficient and personable, he's honest with you at every step.

Despite Christian being incredibly popular (for a very good reason) he always knew what stage I had got to with driving and kept track each step of the way.

I passed first time with A2B Driving School with one minor and was over the moon. Couldn't recommend him more!

Michael H -

Christian from A2B is a very approachable , knowledgable friendly driving instructor . He puts you at ease with all aspects of learning and has very good methods of teaching you the different manoeuvres with his help I passed first time with only 3 minors. I would recommend Christian from A2B to anyone wanting a friendly confident and competent driving instructor 10/10 - 

Josh D -

I went through three driving instructors whilst learning to drive and Christian was by far the best of the bunch. He has a training style that is both highly effective in improving driving skills but also manages to make you feel very relaxed on the road. I progressed very quickly when driving with him and genuinely enjoyed the lessons. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to prospective learners.

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